D´Arga Mountain Range, a Viewpoint in Caminha

The Serra d’Arga rising to 825 meters  (Alto do Espinheiro). Is located in the Alto Minho in the mountain range of the Peneda-Geres. It is of granite origin.

Like most of the mountains and hills of northern Portugal, the Serra d’Arga comes from granite outcrops, and all existing rocks are derived directly or indirectly from this plutonic igneous rock.

The mountain provides a landscape that enables us to see the Minho River, the Portuguese village of walks, as well as the Spanish provinces of Galicia.

The festival of St. John d’Arga, on 29 August, is the most characteristic and lived in the Alto Minho, with a strong power of attraction populations around. This is the path used since ancient times, across the Serra d’Arga we relive all the stories and legends that refer to it. It is a long way and going through a very rough area.

The middle of the slope of the Sierra and around are eight rural villages that still preserve the traditional architecture and some of the uses and customs of old. Are aggregated to Viana do Castelo municipalities, Ponte de Lima, Vila Nova de Cerveira and walks.

The Serra D’Arga with a total area of 4493 ha, is considered one of the most interesting natural areas in Portugal, housing a high number of species of fauna, flora and high value natural habitats, allowing their integration and classification in the European ecological network, such as Natura 2000.

The Serra Interpretation Centre d’Arga (CISA) is a structure of the Municipality of walks oriented to the development of environmental education activities, dissemination, enhancing and promoting environmental and cultural heritage of Serra d’Arga and to the nature tourism.

The CISA available to tourists, school community and other people, a diverse set of activities:

Interpretive paths pedestrian
Study visits
Workshops on environmental education
Sale of promotional materials and local products

CISA Location

Located in a former home of the Forest Service in the parish of Low Arga, about 15 km from the village of Caminha, in Viana do Castelo district.

Business hours

Tuesday to Saturday:

Morning: 9:00 – 12:30

Afternoon: 14h00 – 17h30


Serra Interpretation Centre d’Arga

Arga Low

4910-035 Arga Low

Tel: 258 721 708

email: cisa@cm-caminha.pt

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