Food is Culture, Heritage and Tradition in Minho

Food is culture, heritage and tradition.

Its preservation means keeping the most ancient traditions that mark identity of a people gives it a difference and genuineness, is a real component of the tourism offer. Eating and drinking well is meaning of hospitality and taste the Minho cuisine is all this and more.
A typical Minho meal can be very varied. Tasty vegetables, meats created at home or lamprey caught by local are used in countless dishes, flanked by dessert recipes convent of regional sweets and monitoring and the wonderful wine. In this green area and full of tradition can eat a delicious cod Minho, the famous sarrabulho popes accompanied by firecrackers, the Portuguese stew and a delicious rice, noodles, bread and dreams sponge cake.
Minho can eat well from typical taverns to restaurants Gourmet.

If you stay in Minho please ask for:

  • Bacalhau à Minhota
  • Caldo Verde à Minhota
  • Cozido à Portuguesa
  • Rojões à Minhota
  • Papas de Sarrabulho à Moda de Braga
  • Aletria
  • Arroz doce
  • Pão-de-ló
  • Cavaca Minhota


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