Spa and Gerês Thermal Stations, Termas do Gerês

Located in the heart of the Peneda-Geres National Park and surrounded by lakes and mountains, the spa Gerês are the most famous of the country, with a surrounding landscape of rare beauty. This spa was originally built in the reign of King John V, and received frequent visits of King Ludwig I and Queen Maria Pia, accompanied by Prince D. Carlos and Queen Amelia of Orleans. In 1897 it was demolished to make way for new buildings and the water catchment.

The SPa with historical references dating back to Roman times, as evidenced by coins found in excavations near the thermal springs, is the reign of King John V that build the first buildings for bathing, made of granite tanks housed in dens in Stone – The Wells.
In 1888 this estancia is visited by Their Majesties D. Luiz I and Maria Pia, D. Carlos I, then real Prince and his wife Maria Amelia. Only in 1897 starts the construction of the first establishment Thermal Geres.

In ancient tradition, references to Hydrotherapy in this area date back to the Romans but only in Sec XVII was built the first establishment Thermal Geres. With the newly renovated building, with modern thermal equipment and techniques, it is especially recommended for liver treatments, gallbladder, obesity, diabetes and hypertension, the Gerês spa also provide specific programs for dietary rehabilitation, weight loss, physical and psychological relaxation, physical recovery and anti-stress.
It is a result of the publication, by Dr. Ricardo Jorge, of several books about the effectiveness of Geres Water in the field of curing liver disease, Gallbladder, Hypertension, Diabetes and Drop, Rheumatisms chronic and Obesity, the exceptional properties of these waters have been widely disseminated.

The effectiveness of Medicinal Geres Aguas combined with constant concern in the modernization of its infrastructure and the qualification of its technical balneotherapy and physiotherapy in the creation of the new Nutrition Center as well as the existence of long term follow up are one of the Geres Spa Resorts busiest in Portugal.

Today the Thermal Establishment, refurbished and re-equipped, and the new Thermal Spa, are equipped with the most modern thermal techniques and bem.estar, allowing to meet the expectations of Termalistas that attend, and also adapt to the growing demand in the area of ​​health tourism, Beauty & Wellness. Thus the establishment creates new provision, which highlights the dynamic pool, showers of Cuba, spraying and Sequential 3 essences and still a vast area of ​​Massage enclosures and thermal aesthetics and a modern gym.
Adjacent to the Thermal Establishment were also created several areas of services and trade. All this modernly built together today constitutes a large Tourist-thermal complex located in the center of Thermal Resort Geres.

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