The Double Square in Guimarães

The double square, consisting of the Largo da Oliveira and the Square of Santiago and the Rua de Santa Maria are exceptional and must visit.

The Largo da Oliveira is surrounded by a set of asset value of buildings, including: the Church Our Lady of Oliveira, the “porches houses” of the seventeenth century, the housing built built with traditional construction systems, and contains a Gothic porch with the Salado Default assigned. The Plaza de Santiago, surrounded by residential set of greatest artistic and environmental quality of the 17th and 18th centuries, is marked by the old building presence Town Hall, whose ground-floor consists of a porch supported by Gothic arches, element natural articulation between the Plaza de Santiago and Largo da Oliveira. The Rua de Santa Maria, one of the most ancient streets of medieval garb, connecting main axis between the core of the castle, located in the high quota and the core of the monastery, in the lower part of the village. The New Street or Egas Moniz Street, which features a built of very different eras, from medieval architectural elements to the architecture of centuries 17-19, with prominence the House of New Street medieval root, suffering modification works in the seventeenth century, is one of the most characteristic examples typological designated bounce houses.

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