Castle of Guimarães

The Castle of Guimarães is located in Guimarães, District of Braga, Portugal.

In a dominant position, overlooking the Campo(field)de São Mamede, this monument is connected to the Portuguese Province(Condado Portucalense) foundation and the struggles of independence of Portugal, being popularly referred to as the cradle of nationality.

A National Monument in 2007 was elected informally as one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal.

The castle features a plant in the approximate shape of a faceted shell. Its walls, reinforced by four towers, are torn by doors. A battlement, accessed by stairs in the towers, traverses the top of the walls, crowned by pentagonal battlements of sharp cut. On the west side, a wooden bridge connects between the battlement of the walls and the door of the keep. In the northern section of the walls are visible the ruins of the ancient fortress, probably of the fourteenth century, which is divided into two floors, with emphasis on their exterior windows and two chimneys.

The main gate to the west, is defended by two clods, with two others to defend the port of betrayal to the east.

The Tower of Homage, the center of the parade, has square plan, with few openings marking floors, internally connected by wooden staircase and stone. A broad and continuous adarve allow the movement and observation at the top of the tower, crowned by sharp pentagonal battlements.

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