Shrine of Our Lady of The Abbey, in Amares


Located in a pleasant place, where contact with the natural environment is privileged, the Shrine of Our Lady of the Abbey was built in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, in the parish of Santa Maria Bouro. The Marian shrine belongs to the baroque and rococo architecture and consists of chapels of Stations of the Cross, church, cruise, supplies and buildings to support pilgrims.

It is a devotion place and at the same time, a quiet place of rare beauty, where visitors are invited to stay and enjoy moments of rest. Around the Shrine of Our Lady of the Abbey, admire it a heavenly environment where the whisper of water and the chirping of small birds break the silence that so characterizes this space. Hiking and relaxing pathways are very appealing and activities that can promote themselves in the surrounding area.

Also of note is the Museum of the Shrine of Our Lady of the Abbey, installed in the old “barracks” of the Sanctuary. It is identified mainly by religious art, statues, tools, documentation and religious events, etc. Ethnography, folklore and crafts (flax cultivation), also contribute to their identity.

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