Monastary of Santa Maria do Bouro and Inn, in Amares


Visit Braga Municipality is to make a journey through the history, to the extent that there are many monuments that depict documented times that are directly related to the great moments in the history of Portugal.

The Monastery and Inn of Santa Maria de Bouro is a copy of this wealth. Classified as a cultural heritage building, situated in the parish of Santa Maria Bouro, was founded in the twelfth century. The monastery belonged to the Cistercian Order and is characterized by its religious architecture, Romanesque, mannerist, baroque, rococo, neoclassical and contemporary. To emphasize the sacristy lined with eighteenth-century tiles, which is depicted the life of St. Bernard, an artistic treasure legacy by our ancestors and unknown dosmais watchful eyes.

Part of the monastery (convent) was adapted for a “Pousada de Portugal”, considered today a luxurious reference.

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