Terceiros Museum, Sacred Art Museum, in Ponte de Lima

Sacred Art Museum in Ponte de Lima was born in the sixties of the twentieth century, following the restoration work undertaken in the parish church of the same locality. Lost the original function of the valuable existing works in this temple, was immediately felt the need to find a new space that would allow the protection and disclosure of the religious heritage that the mother was home. The ancient church of St. Anthony Convent was the chosen space to gather the spoils from the mother, and the ecclesiastical authorities allowed their disaffection to the cult.

Germinating the project be from here a museum that also integrate parts from other churches and chapels in the village and county, as well as donations and deposits made by individuals.

Consisting of two religious monuments (remaining part of the former monastery of St. Anthony and building of the Third Order of St. Francis), was the stage space of measures over the centuries. Working now as a museum, was enriched in the 80s of XX century, with other collections, including ethnography and archeology.

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